‘Food as Medicine’

Domini Kemp

Venue: Courthouse – Meath County Council Stage

Domini Kemp, chef, food writer (including best selling cookbook ‘The Ketogenic Kitchen’) and restaurateur but after getting breast cancer in 2013 (and going through conventional treatment), became frustrated by the lack of interest and out of date information available about nutrition as a cancer patient. This led her to complete an MA in TUD in Food & Gastronomy after co-writing the best-selling cookbook. For many of us, food is our day-to-day medicine. It's not just about calories or eating for pleasure but also about healing, well-being and nourishment. We live in a society where there's a pill for every ill, but food and lifestyle interventions are not often prescribed by today's doctors. This is slowly changing with the introduction of Culinary Medicine into many US medical schools, could this eventually bring about much-needed change for the next generation of doctors?

Domini's talk will champion the idea of "food as medicine".

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‘Food as Medicine’