Hinterland celebrate Poetry Day Ireland with ... a poem, by Kells poet Nerys Williams (Sound Archive, Cabaret) from her collection cabaret. It will resonate with anyone who has ever shopped in a thrift store / charity shop.

Thrift Store Protocol

It is easy to pride a semblance of self

in the discarding of another’s desire.

My eye intent on buttoned silks

in Mission, Harlequin, Savers,

Flip,Buffaloand The Waste Land.

Testing the assumptions of body

I wander amidst the possibilities:

A life in tweed, the confidence of a red plastic mac,

tap shoes for the brave, how to sing denim blues.

Or the crocheted insistence of a dress

that shows too much.

How it files the revelatory Iat dizzying

angles to find no narrative.

I could instagram my childhood

the too-big shoes, sun-spent in the seventies.

With a bandana and a cowboy hat,

shuffling across tarmac towards a parent’s path.

Nerys Williams (Cabaret, New Dublin Press, 2017)



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Thank you to all 128 people and organisations who contributed to the 2018 Festival. We look forward to seeing you at our events. We will be in touch over the coming weeks.

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Hinterland returns 21-24 June, 2018  - with Colm Tóibín, John Banville, Michael Harding, Catriona Crowe, Lisa McInerney, Roy Foster, Frank McGuinness and many more. We'll be commemorating 1918 and 1968 and Harry Potter at 21. We will have a full two day programme of children's events and Litcrawl returns on Sunday evening to bring the whole thing to a rollicking finish.

For details of joining Friends of Hinterland please email  heather@hinterland.ie

Lit Crawl

Lit Crawl came to Kells in the first incarnation of this artistic/literary ‘franchise’ in Ireland. Lit Crawl events were anything from readings to short drama, music or street theatre, lasting about 50 minutes each. The biggest draws were James Joyce's The Dead in a funeral parlour (McEntee's) and Jonathan Creasy's wonderful Woody Guthrie show before a packed, sing along house.

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‘I loved every single second … I truly did. It was all so beautifully organised, one lovely person after another.’ Ally Bunbury
‘Thank you for hosting me with such charm and generosity.’ Peter Frankopan
‘In a short time you’ve put on a very prestigious festival.’ Danny Morrison
‘It was a superbly organised event with a wonderful atmosphere - a total pleasure for us to be there. We were so warmly welcomed from the moment we arrived and felt very looked after.’ Mary-Elaine Tynan
‘It was a real pleasure to be in Kells for the festival and there really was an amazing buzz about the place.’ Dermot Bulger
‘The @HinterlandKells festival was great. Loved my own event. Wanted to hang around longer. Met great authors. How a festival should be.’ Shane Hegarty on Twitter
What kind and friendly folk the people of Kells are. I was invited to do an event at the Hinterland Festival and the lovely Helen and I were treated like royalty from the moment we arrived at 'The Green Room' at the BookMarket, Kells. Such a gorgeous café and book shop. A big thanks to Jess, Trish, Penny and Annie. There was a great turnout for me in Kells Theatre where I was interviewed by the delightful Georgina Godwin. Then a terrific signing organised by the indefatigable Antonia from Antonia’s Bookstore in Trim. I met an old friend, Fiona Halton who introduced me to her lovely mother, Kitty and her brother, Cathal, who wouldn't let me leave their amazing shop and off-licence, McEntee’s Off Licence, without the gift of a scrumptious home-made coffee cake and rhubarb tart. (I shared with Helen). Patricia Scanlan on Facebook