Lit Crawl

Normally, after the triumphant conclusion of the Hinterland festival we would be shutting down the main venues and opening up a lot of smaller and funkier ones (a pub, a funeral parlour) for our annual Lit Crawl extravaganza, in collaboration with the Lit Quake festival in San Francisco.

Obviously, that isn't going to happen in 2020 so, instead, here's an extract from one of the events that would have taken place on Sunday evening between 5.00 and 8.00pm - it's a variation on something we've been doing in the main festival since 2016, our annual Brexit Debate. This is a tongue in cheek explanation of why 'we are where we are' from Myles Dungan. It's called 'Brexit through the gift shop'. And if you are a loyal Brexiteer you really won't like it.

Lit Crawl 2019

Lit Crawl 2019 was a mix of the new and the (somewhat) familiar - Jonathan Creasy treated us to the music to Leonard Cohen in his continuing homages to the great singer/songwriters - Philip Boucher Hayes previewed his excellent RTE podcast series on his search for the Spanish Armada ship the Falcon Blanco - historian Frank Cogan explained how Meath fared in the War of Independence, to a full house in our wonderful new venue at the Courthouse - Robbie Clarke brought Kevin Segrave's play, Taken from Snow White, to life - and for our younger audience we had a treble dose of Harry Potter, two table quizzes followed by Fiona Sherlock's Harry Potter Murder Mystery. Perennial favourites Donal Coughlan and Myles Dungan returned, the former with his own inimitable brand of music, the latter with a tale of murder and intrigue during the War of Independence.

And if you want to get involved next year, let is know at

A thank you note from Kevin Segrave and fair warning of the imminent return of a Lit Crawl favourite, 'Taken From Snow White'

'Greetings one and all. Necessary breather, and a return to what passes for normal life, have now occurred. Just a note to say thanks again to all who helped in any large or small way with the performance as part of Litcrawl, and to express my regret that so many could not get in on the night. O Rorke's was jammed before the off and letting people in became impossible, apart from those lucky enough to be let into the other bar and/or behind the bar in the performance area. The good or bad news is that we have arranged to perform the show at Gartlans pub, Kingscourt (rightly described as "a genuine old traditional thatched Irish pub") on October 5, and the play will, at last, come "home" to the Railway Bar on October 6.

We are certainly not ruling out other performances into the future. We have been very grateful to receive some very positive responses to the show and very much look forward to presenting it again.

With again our thanks and very best wishes,
Kevin Segrave and Robbie Clarke

For full details and a complete online schedule check out the Kells Lit Crawl page on the Litquake website

Lit Crawl, which began in 2014, is staged on the last Sunday of Litquake every year. It has been described as ‘literary pop-up’, ‘controlled chaos’, or ‘literary mayhem’, with thousands of people turning out to hear free readings in cramped laundry mats, bars, restaurants and taxidermy shops in the eclectic Mission District in SF. Since 2004 Lit Crawl has spread to a number of other cities in the USA and Europe, including New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Helsinki and London.

Lit Crawl involves readings, short drama, music, street theatre, poetry, that difficult first novel, or whatever you’re having yourself. Venues are side by side, allowing people to get around and see as much as they can in the three hours of this mini-festival. Lit Crawl San Francisco, for example, all takes place in the city’s Mission District. Kells is about the size of the Mission, and almost as cosmopolitan! And in June it might be just as warm.

Venues for Kells Lit Crawl will include bars and cafés, but events will also be staged in the Kells Library building, O'Rorke's pub, the Courthouse, Ushers' Auction Rooms and a funeral parlour! McEntees) Events will be 30-50 minutes in duration. Admission to all events will be free of charge, first come, first served - details to follow.

The Hinterland festival itself curates a number of events but anyone interested in staging an event of their own can apply to to be included in the programme (for 2020) Just drop us an email with your idea and if we think it would fit in we’ll find a venue for it. There’s no money in it (for anyone) but you can sell copies of your book / CD or try out that idea you’ve been dying to test on a small but perfectly formed audience.

Lit Crawl will return in 2021

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