Chef’s Manifesto – There is no Planet B

Venue: Courthouse – Meath County Council Stage

Chefs have an outsized influence on what the rest of us eat – too often that influence is used to promote diets that are not sustainable for our people or planet. The Chef’s Manifesto is building a community of chefs around the world, equipped with a simple set of actions to deliver a more sustainable and healthier food system for all. In this panel discussion, we will explore practical ways that cooks can bring sustainability to the core of their kitchens and the implications of that for us as customers. It will be curated by Founder of GIY, Michael Kelly who established a sustainable food business GROW HQ in Waterford which is now the Irish action hub for Chef’s Manifesto.  Joining Michael will be Conor Spacey, Culinary Director with Food Space and co-author of The Chef’s Manifesto; and renowned food writer and thought-leader John McKenna of the McKenna Guides.

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