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Cold Refuge (Film)

Judy Irving

Venue: Kells Theatre – Eirgrid Stage

This is a film about the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of full immersion in the natural world, in this case the icy cold waters of San Francisco Bay.  The documentary's diverse film subjects include a wheelchair-bound, paralyzed swimmer; a Black man who was told by whites that "Black people don't swim"; a blind man who tethers himself to a sighted swimmer; a woman with aggressive breast cancer who "swims to chemo;" a lawyer who reduces courtroom stress in the open water; and a young woman who communes with her late mother in San Francisco Bay, where they both swam together. Released in 2023 the film was made by Bay swimmer, Judy Irving. The director will introduce the film. Film duration: 1 hour 19 mins.

Price €10
Cold Refuge (Film)