27 - 30 June 2024

T.J. McIntyre and Senator Malcolm Byrne

Social Media and the right to protection and privacy

Venue: Church of Ireland

Just how much further are social media giants like Facebook and Twitter prepared to go in pushing out the boundaries of privacy and acceptable comment on the internet? As a member of the Oireachtas Media Committee, Senator Malcolm Byrne played a significant role in shaping the Online Safety and Media Regulation Act, 2022, and has written and spoken extensively on the impact of technology on society and the role of legislators in preparing for technological change.  T.J. McIntyre, associate professor of law at University College, Dublin a legal expert in informational technology, cybercrime and digital rights, was critical of aspects of the committee’s proposed legislation. A lively discussion on the clash of individual rights versus safety is guaranteed. The debate will be chaired by Myles Dungan.

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