Chris Murphy In the Spirit of Samhain

Kells Town Walking Tours

Venue: Kells Garda Station

Join local historian Chris Murphy for a walk around the spiritual sites of Kells on a journey to the otherworldly side of our history; from the Prehistoric sun worshipers, harvest festivals and human sacrifices, to Christian martyrs and holy wars, all of which have left their indelible mark upon our ancient landscape and local psyche. Unrivalled in heritage terms, the Boyne and Blackwater Valleys of north Meath boast an average of four prehistoric settlement and ceremonial sites for every square kilometre surveyed. At the heart of it all, known by many names across the ages, Kells itself was settled by some of Ireland’s first farmers 5,000 years ago.

In that great expanse of time since, the soils of Kells have become the eternal resting place for over 200 generations, some with links as far away as Scandinavia and the Black Sea, and many with their own culture and belief systems.

Starts at Kells Garda Station.

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Chris Murphy In the Spirit of Samhain