Programme & Tickets

Tickets for events can be purchased in advance online below or by phone via the Box Office on 089 436 9868.

Tickets will also be available in advance in Kells from the BOOK MARKet Café (11am-3pm Tuesday to Saturday) and in Trim from Antonia’s Bookstore (tel – 046 943 7532).

During the festival, ticket collection and sales are available at the ticket office in Kells Theatre on Kenlis Place. For further information on visiting Kells and the Festival, please call 089 436 9868.


David Nihill is an Irish-born U.S. based entertainer and author who pretends to be a comedian called ‘Irish Dave’ to help him get over an aversion to speaking in public. Surely there must be easier ways?  David will be sharing the principles, techniques and tools of the world’s best speakers in a humorous talk based on his bestselling book Do You Talk Funny?

Coming soon...