Programme & Tickets

Tickets for events can be purchased in advance online below or by phone via the Box Office on 089 436 9868.

Tickets will also be available in advance in Kells from the BOOK MARKet Café (11am-3pm Tuesday to Saturday) and in Trim from Antonia’s Bookstore (tel – 046 943 7532).

During the festival, ticket collection and sales are available at the ticket office in Kells Theatre on Kenlis Place. For further information on visiting Kells and the Festival, please call 089 436 9868.


Former Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams will read from Never Give Up, a compilation of essays and articles written since 2009, it opens with a tribute to his close friend and political ally, the late Martin McGuinness.

Nick Davies is one of the Guardian’s premier investigative journalists and in 2010 it was his work that led to one of the most egregious scandals ever to visit the world of tabloid journalism, the ‘phone hacking’ controversy which led directly to the closure of the News of the World and the establishment of the Leveson Inquiry.

Ralph Riegel, one of Ireland’s best known journalists has teamed up with Tracy Corbett Lynch to highlight the sordid story of the murder of Tracy’s brother Jason Corbett—at the hands of his wife, Molly Martens, and father in law Thomas.

In 1984 Mary Manning was a Dunne’s Stores employee who obeyed the instructions of her union and refused to process the sale of South African oranges. After she was fired a number of her colleagues came out in support and thus began the longest ‘political’ strike in modern Irish history. Striking Back is Mary Manning’s memoir of that period and of much more.  She will be joined by co-author Sinead O’Brien.

David Murphy, RTE Business correspondent, will be looking at the implications of Brexit for Ireland as we inch ever closer to exit of the UK from the European Union in March 2019.

Former RTE Washington Correspondent, Caitriona Perry, author of In America: Tales from Trump Country, will be reflecting on the increasingly bizarre nature of American politics and discourse since the election of Donald Trump.

To mark the 20thanniversary of the Omagh bombing Hinterland will present our own production of Ross Dungan’s Minute After Midday, with the author in attendance to discuss the play.

As outlined above ‘Sean Hartnett’ will join us to discuss his involvement in British military surveillance activities in Northern Ireland during the ‘Troubles’.

Kingsley Donaldson, a former British Army officer, will probably have plenty to say about Brexit and ‘frictionless borders’ but his primary concern at the moment is what the future might look like from a security perspective, this is what he has explored in 2020:World of War.  

Former government Minister Mary O’Rourke returns to finish off what she started last year when she kept her audience enthralled reading from Letters of My Life. No one had had enough at the end, least of all Mary, so we invited her back straight away.

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